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Our Story

The mission of Hansoties Foundation is to eliminate all forms of elder abuse, including isolation through education and awareness, support of social change, and community service programs. We are dedicated to fighting elder abuse and protecting the integrity of the family unit through advocacy, and seek to empower and unify individuals and organizations in having a voice to speak up against Violence against seniors to help the aging population maintain their independence and dignity.

Your donation and Small grants will help in eradication of poverty and bringing some good changes in the life conditions of helpless mothers and children in the society.

Our Mission

Support the marginalized communities to utilize. Their own resources through Trainings/Seminars/Workshop’s Etc. For Their sustainable development, including income generations.

We have a team of professional staff, both male and female who has worked 10 to 20 years with different development organizations, INGOs and CSOs in Pakistan and Afghanistan and other regional countries. The team is led by the program director who is Supported by Senior program Offer, Coordinator, Filed Officers, motivators and Three Women development officers.

Your splendid work for Humanity is praiseworthy. So we appeal to you as Philanthropist, NGOs, Civil Society Organizations to kindly come forward and Assist us in our various developmental and ongoing projects in Karachi for thousand lives looking for help for their survival. We welcome your kind attentions towards these vulnerable people and request you for your financial support in order to implement various projects activites of Health, medicine, grocery books and food etc.

Our Vision

Advancement of Education for male and female children, Population and environment control, Support in making healthy and socio, economic community by empowering the Disadvantaged, marginalized and helpless adults and communities.